Ocean Mouse Studio is an independent game studio located in Toronto. The studio is a start up currently working on completing its first game project, and establishing a name in the indie-games industry. Founded in late 2019, the team is looking to bring creative and engaging games that focus on strong stories and interesting gameplay mechanics, with highlights of inclusivity and diversity at their core.

The founding members have worked together within the Gaming and Animation industries since as early as 2010. As a team, the studio hopes to continue making games and other animated content that will resonate with their audience, and leave an impact on players and viewers. The studio wants to establish itself as a BIPOC/LGBTQ owned company, showcasing the talent and abilities of its team members from typically underrepresented demographics.

Our Team

Darnell Lysius-Dicette


Cat Zygocki

Narrative Director

Di YaO

Creative Director

Dominique Foucault

Marketing Lead

Nicolas Ilareguy

Technical Director

Clayton Tsang

Animation Director

Cass Lo

Digital Artist